At an altitude of almost 8,400 feet above sea level, Will-O-Wisp offers a tranquil way of life for individuals and families who enjoy the feeling of mountain living that is close to Denver.  We are a tight-knit and Covenant Controlled community of 116 homes located off Highway 285 in beautiful Bailey, Colorado.

With plenty of sunshine, abundant wildlife and numerous recreational recreational choices that include 200 acres of open space for a children's playground, hiking, biking, volleyball, ice skating and fishing in a catch-and-release fishing pond, residents of all ages enjoy what Will-O-Wisp has to offer.  Additionally, with an easy commute pf 24 miles to Denver, living in Will-O-Wisp feels like a vacation every day.

Our school district receives high rankings, both nationally and in Colorado.   Students benefit from enthusiastic teachers and ancillary staff who encourage academic and athletic excellence.


The Will-O-Wisp Metropolitan District (WOW) was organized as a Special District in 1983 under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.  Title 32 specifies the powers and obligations inherent in the form of an independent government entity.  We are not controlled by any other entity.  The District's revenue is derived from both service fees and valorem property taxes.  WOW receives lottery funds as a recreation provider.

As a local government, WOW follows its court approved Service Plan and complies with regulations for local government, federal and state laws.  This includes, but is not limited to, compliance concerning elections, budgets, audits, public meetings, public records, accounting and contracting employment.  Our five-member board of Directors is elected to staggered, four-year terms by qualified registered voters within the District.

Since 1983. WOW has operated a public water supply system and a waste-water treatment facility under the auspices of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment.  The goal of Will-O-Wisp is to provide quality drinking water, process and discharge waste, while meeting all state regulations.  We provide water and sewer service to 116 homes and must comply with the rulings of the water court concerning its water rights and Plan for Augmentation.

Covenants are enforced via an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) whose members enforce our covenants.  We do not have a Homeowners Association.  We provide and fund recreational activities within the District as described above.  As a District, we do not take any position regarding new developments or growth.  We are required by law to provide water and sewer service within our District.  We are not affiliated with any developer or builder, nor do we profit from any building or development.